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Vision statement

To impart our wealth of knowledge and experience by inspiring others to achieve their fullest potential and open their minds to a world of education to drive a more knowledgeable and safer community for our future.

Mission statement

TEAMWORK – Work together across all boundaries to meet our customers needs and to assist our company’s development.

RESPECT – We value our people, encourage their development, reward performance, listen to our stakeholders and treat others the way we expect to be treated.

SUCCESS – We take pride in all we do to achieve goals, by being innovative and making a positive difference to enable our company to exhibit a strong market in every aspect of our business.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY – We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments, act in accordance with our obligations and take responsibility for our actions.

INTEGRITY – We uphold the highest standards in integrity in all we do. Ethical, honest and trustworthy.

QUALITY -  We provide unsurpassed service & products that together deliver a premium value to our customers.

SAFETY – We promote wellbeing and safety in all we do.

CUSTOMER COMMITMENT - A commitment to developing relationships with our customers that makes a positive difference in their lives. Ensuring every task is completed to excellent standards and with a high focus on our customers needs.

RESILIENCE – Strive to achieve long term sustainability by navigating through consistently changing environments.

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