Venomous Snake Relocation Courses

What snake is that?  Risk Management Training Solutions offer you a course like no other! 

RMTS designed a course to offer you the knowledge of snakes, practical experience on how to catch them, it is a fully catered course including morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea refreshments offered during the duration of course.  Our participants receive a folder which includes the literature used during our venomous snake relocation course, pocket guides of Snakes of South East Qld  published by Qld Museum, a written reference and certificate. On our two day course you will also receive a nationally recognised first aid certificate.

Risk Management Training Solutioins holds venomous snake handling & relocation courses on the Sunshine Coast.  We also travel anywhere within Qld and train at your facility.

RMTS train with a large variety of venomous and non venomous reptiles which include Brown Snakes, Black Snakes, Taipans, Tigers, Death Adders and others.

Our trainers teach no contact approach and use the best equipment available.

Risk Management Training Solutions is fully licensed and holds public liability and professional indemnity insurance and permits for recreational, demonstrators, damage mitigation, rehabilitation (spotter catcher endorsed) and are animal ethics approved and Department Environmental Science approved (DES). 

1 Day Course

Venomous Snake Relocation

One day course where you will be introduced to some of Australia's most venomous snakes




Snake Awareness 

Basic knowledge and skills to be able to help identify venomous and non-venomous snakes.



2 Day Course

Venomous Snake Relocation

Two day course providing plenty of practical learning with a large variety of venomous and non-venomous reptiles




Venomous & Non venomous

One on one sessions for individuals




Venomous Snake Relocation

Want to take you skills to a higher level, this is the course for you




Did you want to become a snake handler, or a snake catcher? 


Does our snake wildlife interest you? 


Do you want or need your Damage Mitigation Permit (DMP)?


Is your passion or hobby snakes?


Would you like to join us for two days of fun and thrilling experiences?


Or you just want to conquer your fear?

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