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The entity Risk Management Training Solutions Pty Ltd (RMTS) for the purpose of seeking initial registration as a registered training organisation in its own right.  RMTS was registered as a registered provider #45440 on the 5th September, 2018. It is proposed that RMTS will utilise the existing industry knowledge, experience and relationships developed through the industry, as well as the human and physical resources to continue to provide the same products and services to a high standard of excellence in the following areas, but not limited to:

  • First Aid training from first response to advanced levels

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training initial to advanced

  • Road Crash Rescue

  • Confined Space Rescue

  • Vertical Rescue

  • Gas test atmospheres

  • Certificate III in Emergency Response and Rescue

  • Emergency medical first response

  • Operate and maintain 4WD

  • Enter and work in confined spaces

  • Working safely at heights

  • Undertake land search rescue

  • Risk management

  • ERT Training

Risk Management Training Solutions will continue to provide high quality training and educational experiences in a high risk industry that are individually rewarding and benefit the industry in which our participants work every day.

We aim to embrace the changing environment, delivering high quality experiences, underpinned by innovative teaching approaches.


We will build on our deep collaborations with industry to help our participants develop the skills that are mandatory to their ongoing professional and personal development, such as leadership, management, communication and industry required skills and knowledge.  We will also strengthen our opportunity to build major industry collaborative partnerships in order to engage with industry and to provide rich opportunities for our clients and participants.


Our strong commitment to inclusiveness will remain a focus with our goal to be the leading training provider for emergency risk training and services.   We will aim to welcome our participants through multiple entry pathways, providing opportunities for skills development in highly regulated industries.

More broadly, our goal is to ensure that our reputation and profile aligns with our strengths and  achievements.  

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